DEDOE Teacher Leader Ruszkowksi calls prinicpals out for lacking “will” to attack teachers’ “skill”

listen for yourself:


Principals must love drivel like this coming from TNTP dropouts wasting away in the bureaucratic morass of the Delaware DOE.


9 thoughts on “DEDOE Teacher Leader Ruszkowksi calls prinicpals out for lacking “will” to attack teachers’ “skill”

  1. John Kowalko

    Ruszkowski was a TFA which cannot ever be misconstrued as a properly educated and credentialed teacher. Ambitious pretenders like him always follow the path of least resistance to a successful (read: well-paying and unskilled) career by opting early into leadership courses that can become perfect camouflage for the untalented and pretend education experts. For him to dawdle for even one moment attempting to judge excellence in teachers is beyond the pale and ethically offensive to every teacher in Delaware. His credentials, abilities and opinion wouldn’t fill a thimble of legitimacy.

  2. 4equity2

    Sadly, most principals I’ve worked for could be similarly described: limited teaching experience; remembered as mediocre in the classroom; self selecting administration positions by taking required leadership courses, often in the least strenuous program available.
    Another observation I’ve made is that just about the only thing principals attack is independent thinking.

  3. minnehanh

    I don’t want to live in Ruzkowski’s world of education. Years ago wouldn’t he have been one of the Know-Nothings?

  4. 4equity2

    Hey, we’ve been told by our principal, after not making AYP, that we suck. I suppose according to Ruszkowski, that’s a step in the right direction.

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