Christina board betrays kids, again.

With money in the kitty, CSD approves waivers and effectively abdicates its responsibility to right size classes.

Vote was 5-2, with myself and Ms. Minnehan dissenting on waiver approval.


5 thoughts on “Christina board betrays kids, again.

  1. I am speechless. Okay, not really speechless.
    Where is the News Journal in reporting on this? This is a big issue and I am sure parents, grandparents, and our community need to know what our teachers are up against!
    Where is our “education governor” in all of this? Oh wait, that means he would actually care about our kids!

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  3. Eve Buckley

    Thanks, John and Harrie Ellen, for your well-argued efforts last night to persuade other board members to reject the waiver. It’s unfortunate for CSD students and teachers that there weren’t two additional Board votes on your side of this issue.

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