4 Corporate Education Reform Talking Points That Are Flat-Out Lies


At the Chalk Face: Progressive #edreform radio 11/10 by Chalk Face | Politics Podcasts

At the Chalk Face: Progressive #edreform radio 11/10 by Chalk Face | Politics Podcasts.

Secretary Murphy bashes teachers by taunting principals and denigrating their judgement. News Journal Editorial Board, ever the bully, joins in

Why is our Secretary of education essentially offering  a lack of teachers failing in their jobs as a null hypothesis for the poor performance of DE students? I know one administrator not doing his job: Let’s hope Governor Markell takes Secretary Murphy’s advice when he fills out Mr. Murphy’s DPAS-II evaluation. If Murphy passes his evaluation, then Governor Markell is guilty of the same cowardice Mr. Murphy imputes to our hard working principals.

As for the News Journal Editorial Board’s drivel on the subject, they can’t be helped. They are simply unqualified to comment on most of what they write about, they just do a bang up job reminding us that public education is their least informed subject matter. I stopped buying their paper and refreshing cookies to gain free access to keep tabs on the ignorance they willfully spread to advance the Governor’s agenda almost two years ago.