NAEP Nonsense: Don’t Believe the Hype

Exactly! What is our DOE doing? Cherry picking the data in between taking swipes at principals for not denigrating teachers with poor evals.

Jack Markell is the worst education governor in Delaware history. He has abdicated all good sense, intellectual curiosity, and intellectual honesty. All of this in an attempt to cement a legacy of caring for kids. Ironically he has firmly secured the opposite.

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The latest NAEP reports on reading and math have been heralded as evidence for the success of the “reforms” that involve test prep, testing, punishing teachers if scores don’t go up, rewarding them if they do, closing schools, and other versions of the carrot and stick method of school reform.

Here is my one-word comment: Balderdash!

There are just as many states using the same misguided strategies who made few or no gains as there were reformy states making big gains.

If test-and-punish strategies work, why don’t they work everywhere?

D.C., Tennessee, and Indiana raised test scores, but the gains in other reformy states were small or negligible.

Below the national average were hard-driving reformy. States including Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Ohio, Connecticut, and. North Carolina.

That highly reformy state Wisconsin made no gains at all.

Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts actually lost ground.

It is impossible to conclude…

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