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NAEP Nonsense: Don’t Believe the Hype

Exactly! What is our DOE doing? Cherry picking the data in between taking swipes at principals for not denigrating teachers with poor evals.

Jack Markell is the worst education governor in Delaware history. He has abdicated all good sense, intellectual curiosity, and intellectual honesty. All of this in an attempt to cement a legacy of caring for kids. Ironically he has firmly secured the opposite.

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The latest NAEP reports on reading and math have been heralded as evidence for the success of the “reforms” that involve test prep, testing, punishing teachers if scores don’t go up, rewarding them if they do, closing schools, and other versions of the carrot and stick method of school reform.

Here is my one-word comment: Balderdash!

There are just as many states using the same misguided strategies who made few or no gains as there were reformy states making big gains.

If test-and-punish strategies work, why don’t they work everywhere?

D.C., Tennessee, and Indiana raised test scores, but the gains in other reformy states were small or negligible.

Below the national average were hard-driving reformy. States including Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Ohio, Connecticut, and. North Carolina.

That highly reformy state Wisconsin made no gains at all.

Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts actually lost ground.

It is impossible to conclude…

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Follow the Money! #EdWeek

The Big Picture

Total Amount Spent: $2 Billion Since 2008

More than one-third of the Gates Foundation’s education spending since 2008 has been dedicated to its teaching agenda.

*Note: Numbers may not add up due to rounding.

Number of Grants Funded: Breakdown of Teacher-Related Spending

*Click on number to view detailed list

  • 67 Grants Total: $78,938,413

    1. Professional development: Supplies aid for improved teacher professional development and related tools, as well as to help teachers network and share best practices

  • 63 Grants Total: $122,665,467

    2. Capacity-building: Supports districts, states, and others in developing teacher evaluation systems, and helps build capacity for other teacher-quality initiatives

  • 53 Grants Total: $50,014,034

    3. Research: Funds research on effective teaching, including the Measures of Effective Teaching research project and related work products

  • 49 Grants Total: $50,710,139

    4. Education/advocacy: Provides grants to educate communities, engage the public on Gates-funded teacher work, and build support for teacher initiatives

  • 20 Grants Total: $37,958,606

    5. Teacher preparation: Aids traditional and alternative programs that prepare teachers or groups engaging in advocacy around teacher preparation

  • 16 Grants Total: $20,725,979

    6. Unions: Funds teachers’ union projects, including work on teacher evaluation and the common core

  • 12 Grants Total: $281,193,218

    7. Intensive partnerships: Supports four “Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching” sites, including Hillsborough County, Fla., Memphis, Tenn., and Pittsburgh

  • 9 Grants Total: $23,611,556

    8. Charter-district collaboration: Encourages districts and charter schools to share best practices, including for teacher effectiveness

  • 8 Grants Total: $21,570,250

    9. Teacher voice: Supports groups that help teachers have a voice in policy, such as Educators 4 Excellence and Teach Plus

  • 7 Grants Total: $8,198,912

    10. Data systems: Aids states and districts in the collection of linked student/teacher data

  • 2 Grants Total: $1,052,505

    11. Media: Aids the journal Education Next in covering teacher effectiveness, charter schools, digital learning, and common standards and assessments

Top Beneficiaries

Four of the five biggest recipients of Gates Foundation aid for teacher-quality initiatives participated in its “intensive partnership” grants, which support changes to teacher hiring, evaluation, and pay. Denver used its cash for similar purposes.

Beneficiaries Receiving More than $10 million in Total

1. Hillsborough County Public Schools2. Memphis City Schools3. Pittsburgh Public Schools4. Denver Public Schools5. The College-Ready Promise6. The New Teacher Project, Inc.7. Colorado Legacy Foundation8. The Teaching Channel9. Educational Testing Service10. American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation11. New Schools Fund dba NewSchools Venture Fund12. Teach for America13. Kentucky Department of Education$104,151,190$92,199,779$40,491,325$26,304,934$25,445,998$20,500,000$18,860,602$18,448,561$13,790,205$11,343,925$11,200,000$11,112,884$10,091,015

List of Beneficiaries

The Gates Foundation has funded grants to over 100 entities. Choose from this list to see details for each recorded beneficiary:

The Gates Foundation has provided grant support to Editorial Projects in Education, the nonprofit corporation that publishes Education Week. The newspaper retains sole editorial control over coverage. See disclosure.

As usual the headline writers are screwed up, but did the author check the goals before writing this recap.

The story:


The actual goals from Delaware RTTT grant:

Our progress is STARTLINGLY poor. And by startling, I mean right in line with expectations of professionals and practitioners outside Dover and Rodel and Vision. DOE, the Governor and many DE pols: spin baby spin.