Common Core Just Gets More Insane As We Go Forward…


From Education Week:

” Smarter Balanced chose to ban read-aloud accommodations for elementary students, even for visually impaired children who may be in the early stages of learning Braille.”

Really?  Yes. They actually said, “Oh, we can’t have blind children have portions read to them.  That would spoil the sanctity of the test.  They have to take the test just as does every student for the data to be pure…… read it and fill in the bubbles best they can,….”

(An official with the consortium explained that the testing group was told by its legal experts that it could not open up an accommodation to blind children without opening it up to all students with disabilities.)  Probably true….

Can everyone now see that no one cares one iota about children here?  They are cattle being fed through a chute headed up into a slaughter house?

What does it say about RODEL?…

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