Additional Wrinkle: Excess Radon Emitted From Data Center


The Data center is slated to use gas developed from the Marcellus Shale region to our northwest.

Unlike the old sources of natural gas in Texas and Louisiana, the Marcellus Shale natural gas has a high concentration of Radon.

Radon has always been known to embed itself in natural gas.  However the gas coming into Newark’s Data Center Power Plant, will have a higher concentration of radon. from the shorter distance it travels, and from the higher concentrations known to abound in Devonian shales ranging between 8 and 32 times more powerful that that found in Gulf gas wells.

A high of 2576 pCi/L. versus a low of 37 pCi/L for Gulf and Texas natural gas.  Furthermore, at at half life of 3.8 days, radioactive radon will have a higher concentration traveling just 300 miles at 10 miles per hour as opposed to 1800 miles through a trans-continental pipeline.

Being an…

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