6 words about why we teach – does anyone see “test the hell out of them” anywhere in these?

Reflections on the way to the grocery store

Found this on the Leading Motivated Learners blog and loved it!! 

Educational Mission in Six Words

During our last Faculty Meeting at Cantiague our staff tackled the task of writing Six Word stories to describe our educational mission statements/beliefs. It was a fun activity and the end results (see below) speak to the positive, strong and consistent feelings and sentiments that permeate our building. 

Check them out…

Inspire, protect, nurture, enrich, challenge, collaborate

 Inspire, help, encourage, educate, nurture, grow
 Helping kids feel AMAZING about themselves
 To develop a sense of self-esteem
 Make a difference, change lives, share love
 Fun, engage, discover, inquiry-based, rapport, rigor
 Inspire positive learning, develop lifelong learning
 Cooperation, model, inspire, challenge, fun, motivate
 Learning environment, fostering happy, confident students
 Promotion of lifelong health and wellness
 Live, love, care, learn, be somebody
 Inspire children to want to learn
 Develop a deep love for learning

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