Parents Complain Over “Opt-Out” Consent In Kindergarten Study

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According to a recent story in Burnaby Now, a study notice sent out to parents of kindergarten-aged children has triggered complaints to the University of British Columbia’s Behavioural Research Ethics Board, which had approved the study. Parents received the notice about the the Early Development Instrument, a survey on kindergarten-aged children, which is part of a much larger project called “The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)“, a government-funded research consortium of universities, based at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The Early Development Instrument is an assessment tool used to assess children’s development in kindergarten. It involves collecting information about a child’s physical health and well-being, social capabilities, emotional maturity, use of language and cognitive development and communication skills. According to the Burnaby Now story, the study notice offers brief information on what kinds of data will be collected about the children and that these data…

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