Still waiting for one teacher to tell me about one plan in one school that came from that survey that’s making one difference.

It appears to have been a complete waste, and it’s almost time to announce that they are going to do it again!

Someone, save us all from the madness.


4 thoughts on “TELL DELAWARE UPDATE!

  1. Hi John, teacher here! My building used the results in our liaison process but I am unsure as to whether many changes were made. It is my understanding that the state-level DPAS II(R) changes were made in response to Tell-Del administrator concerns about the evaluation process taking too long and being time-consuming. I have a LOT of opinions about THAT but was happy to see that CSD respected the beliefs of its teachers in not waiving criteria from the system. In the meantime, DSEA has (rightly so) said that if the local EAs don’t push changes based on the surveys no one else will. That’s the killer right there, because with everything else on our plates I think the teachers are not going to get this work done alone. Perhaps a CEA-School Board partnership, with our super sitting in on the meetings as part of the Board, would be in order??? BTW, CEA-CSD Board liaison meetings have been in our contract forever but I don’t know that we’ve ever taken advantage of them.

  2. John Young

    Thnaks for the response. So, not a stellar measurable impact in your case it appears. The DSEA was all in on TELL DE, funded by gates, rodel and RTTT to what effect?

    State DOE also claimed it was important. Reality check, it was important to make teachers think they were listening, not actually listening. This was/is the lesson of TELL DE.

    As for Board liaison meetings, I do know that CEA exec council members reach out to and speak with board members in an informal way somewhat often.

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