On Bonuses and Reduced Mortgages

Mind of Mr. Matthews

I took a phone call today from an NBC 10 Reporter named Tim Furlong. He was calling to inquire about a developing story — a story I’d only heard about 14 hours before. The Delaware State Department of Education, under its Race to the Top-funded Delaware Talent Cooperative (also known as the “teacher bonus program”), would be introducing a program to help reduce the mortgages of the 168 teachers who’ve participated in the program.

Yes. 168 teachers. Out of 8,000 teachers in the entire state.

The reporter did a fine job interviewing me at my school. And my students loved the camera in the classroom. I’m afraid they didn’t show the crux of the argument I was making: So many school districts across the state rebuffed the original teacher bonus program because of its inherent exclusion of so many classes of teachers and the potential divisiveness among schools in…

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