Just a reminder: Delaware PTA is NOT in the tank for Ed Reform that alienates parents.

ok, scratch that. He’s this guy:



Groundbreaking Independence in NH: Manchester District’s Academic Standards Freed From Common Core


Independent thought is alive and well in Manchester, New Hampshire. Wednesday, Manchester School District’s board voted to split from Common Core, which spells the end of the Common Core groupthink for this groundbreaking school district.

According to the Manchester Union Leader, the board voted to have the district develop its own “Manchester Academic Standards,” following months of debate over the adoption of the Common Core standards. The 13-1 vote came after nearly two hours of public comments.

The independent, city-based standards were proposed by Superintendent Debra Livingston. God bless her and the people of Manchester.

Dr_-Debra-Livingston NH Manchester


New Hampshire parent activist Ann Marie Banfield, shared the following:

AnnMarie Banfield NH  _PR-240x300


1) A few moms have been involved in fighting common core in NH

2) We’ve been going around talking to different groups to educate the grassroots on the CCSS

3) We have a radio show host in Manchester who…

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Video: How Indiana Mom Heather Crossin is Beating Common Core


This interview with Indiana Mother Heather Crossin is not to be missed. Speaking to the Civitas Institute, she tells the story of how she got involved with the fight against Common Core:

Her third grade daughter came home from her Catholic parochial school with Common Core math worksheets. The worksheets had a “shockingly small amount” of practice, and an “inordinate amount of time spent explaining in writing how students got to answers” which had to be written by students in very scripted ways. Heather started to ask questions.

She soon found herself at a school meeting to discuss the Common Core styled math, and heard a sales pitch from a Pearson Education sales representative. She and the parents in the room didn’t like the pitch nor the new math. Then the principal informed them that there was no choice. That was Heather’s moment of illumination.

Suddenly I realized…

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82 Teachers Talk Back to NEA, Debunk Common Core



Here are 82 comments written by teachers who commented after this week’s National Education Association (NEA) promo article about Common Core. The article is here.

The teachers call the Common Core, and the NEA’s phony poll (that said that teachers love it) and the NEA’s shameless promotion of it, rubbish.


82 Responses to “10 Things You Should Know About the Common Core

David R Mawson says:

October 19, 2013 at 6:36 pm

I am an NEA member and building delegate for my urban high school and I do no support the Common Core. But I am more upset that the NEA is enabling corporate special interests to not only drive but shape public policy. This is the responsibility of local education boards working in concert with taxpayers and parents. Those are the people to whom public school teachers should be responsible.

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Linda says:

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On Bonuses and Reduced Mortgages

Mind of Mr. Matthews

I took a phone call today from an NBC 10 Reporter named Tim Furlong. He was calling to inquire about a developing story — a story I’d only heard about 14 hours before. The Delaware State Department of Education, under its Race to the Top-funded Delaware Talent Cooperative (also known as the “teacher bonus program”), would be introducing a program to help reduce the mortgages of the 168 teachers who’ve participated in the program.

Yes. 168 teachers. Out of 8,000 teachers in the entire state.

The reporter did a fine job interviewing me at my school. And my students loved the camera in the classroom. I’m afraid they didn’t show the crux of the argument I was making: So many school districts across the state rebuffed the original teacher bonus program because of its inherent exclusion of so many classes of teachers and the potential divisiveness among schools in…

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Teacher Mortgage assistance? This helps kids? #ofcoursenot


Now you can carve Vin Scully’s face into a pumpkin


Just in time for Halloween, the Dodgers’ website has posted free, downloadable pumpkin-carving stencils, my favorite of which is this one featuring Vin Scully:

I also liked this note on the bottom of the page:


** Kids: Make sure a parent or adult is helping you with this activity! **


To carve your pumpkin, you can use a pumpkin carving kit from your local grocery store or you can use the following common household tools:


Serrated knife

Pin or nail

Paring knife

I’d like to see some kid try to carve Scully’s face into a pumpkin with a spoon. It’ll end up looking like Tommy Lasorda.

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