School Finance 101: Reformy Distractions, Diversions & Smokescreens from What’s Really Needed

School Finance 101

This post is a follow up to the previous, and is based on work in progress.


We conclude with a discussion of three themes in the current political rhetoric regarding school finance that we see as creating significant barriers to substantive reforms. Three arguments in particular, are pervasive in the broader education reform debate, with implications for school funding equity and adequacy:

  1. First, that through years of court challenges states have largely resolved funding inequities between local public school districts, and the major persistent problems that remain are inequities in local district budget allocations to schools.
  2. Second, that adopting broad-based, school choice programs necessarily provides equitable opportunities for children via the liberty to choose among high quality alternatives, thus negating concerns over equitable or adequate funding.
  3. Third, that local public school districts are so inefficient in their basic design and they invariably have more than enough money to do…

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