A Terrifying Report about Child Abuse in Texas Schools–and in Your State Too

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At the request of the author, this post was briefly taken down in order to obscure the name of the school and of one student.

Do students have the right not to be subjected to emotional and psychological abuse? If pressure and chronic stress raise test scores, are they acceptable?

A group of mental health professionals prepared the following report. It is long. It is painful to read. This is what many schools are doing to our children. They must be stopped. This borders on criminality. Wake up. It is happening in many states and communities.

Dear Diane,

This is very Orwellian, but we wanted you to know about it.

I have attached a copy of report that I and several other university and mental health professionals in Texas schools have prepared.

We would like to ask your help in bringing awareness to this problem.

Thank you,

Joyce Feilke, Counselor…

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