A parent’s letter to the Governor regarding King’s cancellation of public forums

Round the Inkwell

Keith and Michelle Gamache are devoted parents.  They are kind, thoughtful and respectful. They are writing the governor expressing their displeasure with Commissioner King. Keith wrote the following letter, as well as a model letter that follows for others to use. Please share and send your own.

Here is Keith’s letter.

Dear Governor Cuomo, I’m writing to express my incredible displeasure at Commissioner John B. King, Jr.’s decision to cancel the state sponsored PTA town hall meetings. As parents, we have legitimate concerns regarding his educational reform policies that are affecting our children. He must have the decency to listen to our concerns and defend his decisions publicly. This is inexcusable, and he must be held accountable.
On Tuesday night, I was looking forward to asking him what evidence he had that it was educationally beneficial or a valid measure of learning to include reading passages on the 3rd grade…

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