Dissecting Markell’s Education Speech At Education Nation


Governor Jack Markell spoke at the assembly as an expert on training the teacher.  Below is is copy of what was said.… (Markell’s words are in black and the Ancient Greek Chorus is in red.)

The success of our education system depends more than anything else on great teachers.   (Obviously subjective:  Bill Gates thinks the most important thing is billions of donated dollars. Jeb Bush thinks Educational Corporations are what the future of education itself depends.  Anyway. just note that it is subjective….)

They are the ones dedicated to understanding each student’s individual needs, who know that one is a visual learner and another learns better in group settings. They take time after the school day ends to provide extra support and before the next day begins to ensure their pupils will enter a welcoming environment. (Don’t forget to mention the huge out-of-pocket expenses required to keep…

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