The $300,000 website!

No worries, paid with RTTT money:

One thought on “The $300,000 website!

  1. 4equity2

    I read this article with a smirk on my face. I could only imagine how impressed I would have been as a UD student, having the governor as a guest speaker, telling me to stay in Delaware.
    Come to my classroom, UD freshman. Follow me to ridiculous PLC’s, then observe me trying to plan, grade, record, make parent contacts in the little time remaining.
    Listen to teachers’ concerns about their own safety, and that of their students, along with administrations’ dismissal of these concerns.
    Hang around and calculate the increase in cost of living and compare that to teachers’ pitiful increases.
    Watch involved parents opt out of regular public schools, and sweat out waiting lists for charter schools.
    See me being evaluated based on student test scores, while the teachers down the hall are evaluated based on the scores if their honors students, or their “talent development” students.
    Watch teachers being taken out for medical treatment after being assaulted by students whose return to school is guaranteed.
    Then, and only then, decide where you want to teach.

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