Why YOU Can Not Trust American Media To Give You Any Truth….


It is a sorry state of affairs but American media always shows one side of the story. It never gives you both sides.  Case in point.  NBC’s Education Summit taking place this October.  This is like the Economic Summit in Geneva which gathers a lot of players together to determine the nature of the worlds economy on a global scale. This educational summit is supposed to do that for the American educational system. Except it doesn’t.

It is like playing craps with loaded dice.

Here is the list of all those attending….

Let us categorize it for you.
Think Tank Floosies and Paid Consultants:
Sara Martinez Tucker  CEO, National Math + Science Initiative
Melody Barnes Chair, Forum for Community Solutions & CEO, Melody Barnes Solutions, LLC
David Coleman  President and Chief Executive Officer, The College Board
Jonah Edelman  Co-Founder and CEO, Stand for Children
Anne T. Henderson   Author, Beyond…

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