Special Interest Groups to defend Common Core #commoncore #stopcommoncore

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The special interest led Common Core State Standards are being defended by, well the special interests. Is anyone surprised? A recent post 40 CEOs Sit Down with Arne Duncan highlighted the campaign to come. More from Education Week (emphasis mine), Business Execs: Fight for Common Core Before It’s Too Late

Representatives of major corporations today urged their peers in the business community to take up the fight to defend the Common Core State Standards—and warned them to steel themselves for opposition from some quarters, and apathy from others.

At an education forum held by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at its headquarters, leaders from Intel Corp., Cisco Systems, and the ExxonMobil Foundation described their efforts to promote the standards through different strategies, including coast-to-coast advertising campaigns and outreach to company employees and parents in the overall community. That salesmanship will continue over the coming…

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