Community Members Speak Out for Olney Teachers at ASPIRA Board


Community Members Speak up at ASPIRA Board meeting 9.17

Community members ask questions But ASPIRA Board has no answers.

ASPIRA is an organization with a proud record of speaking out for human rights and equality for oppressed people.   But, since becoming a major charter school provider with a growing portfolio of real estate, not so much, at least when it comes to the teachers who work at ASPIRA’s Olney charter school.

The teachers wanted to come to the Board meeting to press their demand that ASPIRA recognize their right to organize free from coercion, but management scheduled a parents night open house at the same time.

Upwards of 20 community members and supporters showed up instead, expressing solidarity with the teachers and raising concerns about the administraton spending our tax payers dollars on hiring lawyers to keep the union out.  Speakers also wanted answers  about recent revelations that raise questions about the financial management of the burgeoning charter…

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