I was close. More subtle than I thought, but the headline writers are just getting started it appears: Operation Smear Capital SD has begun!

The article: http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20130926/NEWS/309260055/Capital-school-district-balks-Delaware-teacher-evaluation-system

The money quotes:

School board members say they don’t believe the system is fair to teachers, so they can’t justify using it to rate their employees.

“It seems to us that the concerns that are voiced to DoE are falling on deaf ears, so we felt that we had to take some action and start the conversation,” Capital School Board President Matthew J. Lindell said.

But state officials say the system is necessary, effective and can’t be ignored.

Educator evaluations in Delaware are enshrined in law,” said Christopher Ruszkowski, head of teacher and leader effectiveness. “Not only is it in state law, but every federal guideline we’re under requires robust measurements of student growth, and for good reason.”

So, because it’s a federal guideline we should agree that it is good and right and fair and effective?

Christopher, you have to know what an awful argument that is, in every way. Don’t you?  Or, is that just the precursor to step 2 in the bullying process to threaten them?

As for enshrined in law, it’s a bit premature for that crap unless you or I became JD’s overnight, I suggest deference to the courts seems a more prudent idea.

Can’t wait for the next part of this saga, but have to give an extra shout out to the BOE President for the resolution and his quote in the comments of the News Journal story:

I want to thank the Delaware Department of Education for proving my point. When a school board voices concern over a flawed system, their only response is to bully and threaten districts. This is what one gets when your supposed educational leaders in the state are merely politically appointed lackeys with very little teaching or school administration experience. What law have we broken? We are still moving forward with Component 5; however, we are not going to put any teacher or administrator on an improvement plan (which come out in the spring) due to this component until DOE addresses the concerns in the resolution. I would also like DOE to show us what an improvement plan looks like under component 5 since it will be the districts that are legally liable when we decide to fire a teacher because of ineffectiveness in this component. This brings up another great point; if the state has the power to determine how education employees are evaluated and the school districts as the governing body have the power to hire and fire, shouldn’t DOE and the state pick up the tab as far as legal costs and awards when we fire someone due to this fundamentally flawed system? I digress; however, because DOE is not interested in having constructive talks with local education leaders as they would rather bully us into submission. SAD!

Matt, I have news for you, this is just the beginning of DOE’s smear. Next they will lever your Super and convince him to persuade you down a different path. Hopefully, he stays strong unlike the HB 165 wavering, but somebody has to stick up for teachers in Delaware may as well be school boards and supers since the teacher advocacy unit here in Delaware seems conflicted in their board room.

Capital, Keep Calm and Carry On!


3 thoughts on “I was close. More subtle than I thought, but the headline writers are just getting started it appears: Operation Smear Capital SD has begun!

  1. Steven Fackenthall

    I really can’t stand hearing/seeing Christopher Ruszkowski mentioned in the news. The man teaches for I’m sure a small amount of time and is in charge of of teacher effectiveness for the state?!?! Why don’t they get, I don’t know, a long-time teacher who might actually know about teacher effectiveness. It’s easy to talk the talk when you haven’t walked…

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