@NicholeDobo blogs a simple question tonight.

Here: http://blogs.delawareonline.com/delawareed/2013/09/24/a-plea-for-better-less-boring-education-blogging/

Simple answer: the company you work for has an angle. Like it or not, they do (the pro-Markellian, pro charter, pro ed-reform angle is indisputable in the words of your addled editorial staff). And it comes across. Bavissimo, they are successful. You work there so you get associated with that, right or wrong. It is actually sad for intellectually honest people to work for such a biased machine, IMO. You have taken hits, and delivered them. Mr. Albright does the same. He has clearly been asked to stop talking to certain sources. It’s obvious in his stories.

That said, bloggers are cowboys, and cowgirls. We feed off of different sources leading us to different conclusions given the same data.

Also, we have no editors. It’s glorious. It doesn’t make us right, just relevant. We are read. Trust only this point in this post. WE.ARE.READ.

P.S. Willingham is good stuff.

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