Let’s see if I can pull a “Carnac” for News Journal coverage of Capital’s resolution against component V.


Well, Governor Markell and his staff usually have one “go-to” play:

Option one: call up the editors at the News Journal, using the previous editor from there that works at the DOE, plant a story seed suggesting that Capital is violating the law. Get some state workers to opine the same in quotes. Have the News Journal reporter reach out to a “non-profit” to solicit a quote about RTTT and how everyone agreed to everything and you can’t back out of your commitment. Then reach out to the school  board in question, tell them everyone says they’re breaking the law and ask for a quote.  Get a quote that says we are not breaking the law and we are not going to rescind our action, then report only the part saying they intend to defy Jack Markell’s administration.

Cue public outrage, and more importantly, scare other boards into submission.

Option 2: reach out to Capital’s board and try to work out the concerns and differences so all parties can defend their turf and do right by educators.

Carnac says: Option one, all the way.




3 thoughts on “Let’s see if I can pull a “Carnac” for News Journal coverage of Capital’s resolution against component V.

  1. MHS

    Usually the downstate school board meetings are covered by the Delaware State News or local community papers like the Dover Post, not the News Journal.
    Here was the Dover Post coverage of the meeting http://www.doverpost.com/article/20130920/NEWS/130929986/1004/NEWS
    And the State News http://delaware.newszap.com/centraldelaware/125690-70/capital-mulls-eliminating-costly-entrance-for-new-dover-high

    So either the reporters left after the construction update or the resolution wasn’t an issue that resulted in much discussion or deemed worthy of mention in their stories.

    1. John Young

      SO when they story comes out, know that it was 100% related to this blog’s posting of the resolution. DOE already made the default THREATDOWN phone call. Capital stood ground. Next step for the Gov? full court press in the press.

  2. Well, I first heard about it on this blog’s post. Plug for why we need blogs. Imagine this story if blogs did not exist.

    This story is HUGE, btw. Coupled with Christina’s last spring…. one hinge has been taken of the door to Common Core.

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