Why Celebrities Should Not Tell Teachers How to Fix Schools

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Earlier today, I posted EduShyster on this very same video. The point that the creator of the video makes with humor, I decided, is so important that it deserves a post of its own.

David Coffey, who created the video, is a teacher of teachers. He is a professor in the mathematics department at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. His wife is a first grade teacher.

He made the video linked above because he found it annoying that a celebrated movie director had written a widely publicized book about how to reform the nation’s schools. These days, it seems that everyone knows how to “reform” the schools, and the farther removed they are from the schools, the more they know.

I admit feeling a certain annoyance, frustration, even rage when I read that some star athlete has opened a charter school. Andre Agassiz, the great tennis star, has…

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