The Weekly Update: Inequality for all, the charter school gravy train, Common Core, TFA and the pushback

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I thought we would start the week with this video featuringBad Ass Teacher Dudley aka Origin.

Stop This Madness!

Another part of the madness is the income gap that is increasing daily. Robert Reich breaks it down for us during his interview with Amy Goodman:

Inequality for All: Robert Reich Warns Record Income Gap Is Undermining Our Democracy.

Part 1:

To see all three segments, go to Democracy Now on You Tube.

While on the subject of money, check out the new

Education: too precious to be managed by teachers!

Let stockholdersfirst manage your children’s education!

Your love of education can get you a seat as you wait for the closing bell!

Our three Rs are Rally, Revenue, and Rate of Return.

There’s no Risk because it’s public money!

whatever it takes

Speaking of easy money, check out this article from Forbes:

Charter School Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat…

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