Dear Red Clay educators: Tojan Horse warning?

Today, RCCSD teachers, via an RA of the RCEA are meeting to endorse/not endorse the RCCSD application for Race to the Top- District, sound 2:

The key aspects of federal guidance are here:

The document is here:$file/2013_RTTT-D_Application_RedClayConsolidated_v1.pdf

it’s 282 pages. For the sake of focus, look carefully at pages 92-99.

When you do all of the above reading, many arguments pro and con can be made not the least of which is that Federal monies typically carry pernicious requirements and burdensome reporting.

That’s not my concern here.

My concern overlaps with my SB51 concern. The DSEA completely abdicated its responsibilities to defend teachers from a junk science based DPAS-II by endorsing this bill last spring. It ranks ed prep schools by the evaluations of its graduates which are tied to STUDENT TEST SCORES, a bogus metric by most every study on the subject

This RTTT-D application is indeed a transparent money grab to do some “cool” stuff in your schools, but the hook, the trick if you will, is the devilish details in the links above: You must agree that the RTTT designed accountability system is right and you will abide during the entire term of this grant which extends three years beyond RTTT monies.

You might say, it’s in the law we have no choice about DPAS-II anyway, so why not take the money?

That’s the lynchpin of my argument: taking this money weakens any and all future arguments against VAM metrics being used in your evaluations because you are AGREEING they are correct in valuable by reaching for these federal dollars, with the language included by your administration.

All for a 6 in 500 chance of winning money. Your belief system may be betrayed for a 1.2% chance of winning money. Is that a fair bargain?

Please consider your votes today RCEA members, your profession is under attack, this 282 page application capitalizes on many of those attack themes.

Read it, then vote.