Colonial Schools tell ALL lobbyists to go away. #netDE #achinkintheBRINC

And they did it specifically with reference to the fledgling failure-to-be: BRINC.Rodel is a treasure trove of lobbyists, guess they’re out.

Way to go Colonial! GREAT JOB by the BOE, especially being unanimous on repelling special interests.

I wonder how Murphy, Markell and Taber took this news? Actually,  Not really. They are furious. I also see that Murphy is trying desperately  to buy them back in with a $600K buy off in grants yesterday.

Don’t bite, it’s clearly a trick.



2 thoughts on “Colonial Schools tell ALL lobbyists to go away. #netDE #achinkintheBRINC

    1. John Young

      It is four districts that came together to apply for the US DOE RTTT District competition. Predictably, they did not win. Rodel and dedoe begged them to stick together and the world raise capital and funnel funds to them.

      Colonial finally appears to be calling bullishit.

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