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Does Experience Count?

Ever hopeful and naive, I looked at the title of this piece featured in a recent Ed Week on-line publication, Why Educators’ Wages Must Be Revamped Now, and imagined that this would speak engagingly and convincingly about the need to redesign educator salaries from the good old single salary pay scale to a more contemporary, leading-edge plan for compensation that would ultimately pave the way for a career ladder for teachers and specialists, as well as for para-educators.

In the inbox of my email, the message only included the title.  I actually saved this from February 7 to review it when I had time this weekend. I was instantly dismayed when I went to the link and found that the precis stated: “With budgets tight, states must link teacher pay to student achievement, Eric A. Hanushek writes.” (Mr. Hanushek is the Paul and Jean Hanna senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.)

Needless to…

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News Journal’s education coverage tied to former editor of the current education reporter leaving to be PIO for the DOE? #netDE #eduDE

It’s hard to say really. So many things may explain the pro ed reform coverage or lack of criticism for the policy and practice of the DOE by the state’s leading newspaper since Alison Kepner left. As the News Journal’s blog says: “we also know figuring out the cause for any event isn’t simple”

Here’s a graphic that helps you to understand if the NJ is sold out to the reform movement spearheaded by the DOE by showing some other causal relationships that are so ridiculous one could only conclude I am just trying to trash the News Journal: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/correlation-or-causation-12012011-gfx.html

Remember, it comes from a highly respected news source, Businessweek magazine.

there’s at least one other school with more respondents that eligible, some survey!

the seventh type

Charter School of Wilmington has 55 educators, and 56 responses recorded for the Tell Delaware survey. Damn overachievers 🙂

The survey has been extended a week, so I suppose we could still see more responses from CSW.

Vote early and often!

Update 2/18: I thought this discrepancy was likely innocent and was more amusing than scandalous, but apparently DOE took it seriously enough to contact me with some very reasonable explanations. Namely, the initial count may be slightly off, or teachers work in different buildings but voted in another, and that the counts will probably be corrected later. Of all the things DOE chooses to take seriously on this blog!

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