Duncan lies to DE teacher, straight up. #netDE #eduDE


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Why the DOE can bully us: we signed on to this bullshit, less two votes. #Young #Scheinberg


“More than a hundred” #edreform #RTTT #netDE #eduDE

here’s the source of the quote (2nd paragraph):

so, lets go with 200 participants since I choose to believe that 201 would have yielded a quote saying “more than 200”.

Here’s the math: 200 divided by 897,934 (2010 Census population) = .0002227335193900665  of DE population guiding the system and policies on behalf of 100% of the state. An infinitesimal proportion. In other words, the Illuminati, the monied, the chosen few dictating to all the rest.

If you ever wonder why it’s failing, here’s argument #1. You think the press gives a fuck about the truth of these numbers? Think again.



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Glenda Ritz walloped uber-reformer Tony Bennett in the race for State Superintendent of Indiana schools.

Now the Indiana state board of education is trying to strip her of all powers, thus nullifying her election and the will of the voters. The board wants to protect Bennett’s efforts to privatize public education and to lower standards for teachers and principals.

Please sign this petition to support Glenda. Always be careful on change.org website. Do not sign other petitions to support “great teachers” or you may unwittingly be joining Rhee’s StudentsFirst.


I just signed the petition “Indiana General Assembly: Stop the attempts to dilute the authority of Supt. Glenda Ritz’s office.” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:



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The anti-teacher, anti-public school movie “Won’t Back Down” was released into 2,500 movie theaters (owned by its producer Walden Media) and died a quick and ignominious death. Despite massive advance publicity at NBC’s “Education Nation” and a CBS promotion, despite Michelle Rhee hosting screenings at both national political conventions, despite attention on the “Ellen” show, the film had one of the worst opening weekends in recent history. The critics ridiculed it, and within four weeks, the film had disappeared.

It became a dead film, but it lives on as a zombie film. Its producers Philip Anschutz and Rupert Murdoch never expected to make money. They are billionaires, and they didn’t care about the box office receipts. They wanted their propaganda film to persuade people that teachers are lazy, that unions are evil, and that parents must seize control of their school and hand it over to a charter corporation.


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