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Survey DatesJanuary 22 – February 25, 2013

The TELL survey was to end today 02/15/1013 but only 53% of educators responded far below Governor Markell’s fantasy of 80%. So Governor Markell decided to extend the deadline for taking the survey until February 25, 2012 allowing him more time to “pressure” educators who refused to take the survey. He is doing what school districts do, keep having referendums until the voters say yes! 

“Teachers” were told the assignment but nearly 50% refused to do their homework! Now I don’t blame them because Markell is asking for input long after “he” decided to reform Delaware’s public education. I wonder how many teachers would give their students 10 extra days to compete a final exam or report? So now Markell will go around pouring is Kool-aid which is nothing more than his piss and that of the Delaware’s Secretary of Education.

Please continue to encourage colleagues to…

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Jack Markell and Mark Murphy succumb to reality, the TELL DELAWARE survey has been extended 10 days

What a joke, they can’t get a response rate so they extend it to get more and more favorable responses.the survey is now officially bogus.

10 day extension= complete admission of fear and distrust in DOE

Looks like one blogger can make a difference.

Why is Secretary Murphy’s designee on talent attraction and retention out looking to leave Delaware? #irony

DOE’s talent henchman, Christopher Ruszkowski, never to be confused with anyone capable of good, effective or transparent communication, has blasted CSD in a letter directly threatening our funding. In that letter he lies about what our board has ever been given access to in the way of information and has personally made no overture prior to the nuclear threat, but that’s just how our Governor and DOE do things. The Delaware DOE is the worst service organization in Dover, and I am hardly the only person who thinks so. How’s that 80% TELL Delaware response rate you wanted going for you there, Mr. Markell.

How ironic that Christopher Ruszkowski is the one complaining about our talent retention strategies when he himself is on the prowl for a new job and in denial about the lack of success his department is having with talent attraction overall with a shut down, failed attempt at TNTP and a TFA effort that is WOEFULLY behind its commitment.

We should be freezing your funding, sir.

Another batch of applications has come in for the top job in the Pinellas County School District. Here’s a quick rundown of the applicants:

Irving Hamer Jr.: Hamer has been a deputy superintendent for Memphis City Schools since 2008. He also was a senior consultant on a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which studied chronically low-performing schools. He also was a deputy superintendent in the Miami-Dade County School District.

Gary Lewis: Lewis has been superintendent of Catlin School District #5 since 2009. The Illinois school district has just two schools. He also has been a teacher, principal, director of operations.

C.M.C.: Possibly the most mysterious candidate thus far, C.M.C.’s resume and letter of interest list only initials, not a full name. C.M.C. has been campus college chair of criminal justice and security since 2011 and was an associate dean at ITT Technical Institute between 2007 and 2011.

Felice Lepore: Lepore has been chief accountability officer for Cluster One in Brooklyn since 2011. He was principal of the Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports in the Bronx between 2003 and 2011. He also has been a teacher, a math specialist and an assistant principal.

Allen Howlett: Howlett has been superintendent of Resurrection Christian School in Loveland, Colo., since 2006. The school has about 1,100 students. He also has been a teacher and assistant principal.

Geoffrey Gordon: Gordon has been superintendent of Port Washington Public Schools in New York since 2002. The district has about 5,000 students. He was superintendent of a smaller school district in New Jersey between 1994 and 2002.

Christopher Ruszkowski: Ruszkowski has worked for the Delaware Department of Education since 2010. He’s been team leader of the teacher and leader effectiveness unit since October 2011 and was deputy officer of the Race to the Top team for a year before that. He’s also worked for The New Teacher Project and Teach for America.

Carol Bennett: Bennett started working for Golder Associates, Inc. in Atlanta this year. The firm’s web site says it provides civil/geotechnical and environmental consulting services to a wide range of industries. She also has been a teacher and assistant principal.

Christian Cutter: Cutter has been an assistant superintendent in the Douglas County School District in Colorado since 2010. He also spent about three years as the executive director of schools for the Colorado Springs School District. He has been a teacher, assistant principal and principal.

Christiaan Ramsey: Ramsey has been director of the exceptional children’s program for Madison County Schools in North Carolina since 2011. He was an elementary school principal between 2004 and 2011.  He also has been a band director and assistant principal.

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