TELL Delaware! Beware! #netDE #eduDE

Teachers need their voice heard, but they also need to know who is behind the effort to gather their opinions and to what end their opinions will be used. At least we know the money comes from the teacher unfriendly Race to the Top federal grant/slush fund from the press release:

Funded by part of the state’s federal Race to the Top grant, TELL Delaware is a project of the Delaware Department of Education’s Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit.

So here are some important links on the key points:

Then following the information about the The New Teach Center you land here:

As you can see, Bill and Melinda Gates are MAJOR benefactors of this organization. Why is this important?

The New Teacher Center Leadership boasts its leadership here:

One leader, the chief of staff, was involved in the repulsively termed “human capital management” and helping with the incredibly anti-teacher DCPS IMPACT evaluation:

The external affairs officer is connected to the NGA which has brought us the Common Core State Standards:

So, one should ask why a “non-profit” DEDICATED to NEW TEACHERS, using Bill Gates’ money (among many other sources), is administering a survey to ALL teachers, most of them tenured to a significant degree. What’s the motive? What’s the angle?

I read Kavips post encouraging all teachers to take the survey and I won’t expressly say the opposite, but please KNOW what the stakes are? Ask questions: Why now? Didn’t our Governor just tell us all in the State of the State how awesome we are? How much our teachers LOVE their jobs? That his commitment to education reform is so profound and significant that he needs a survey to make it better? 

Something smells, not the least of which is the DSEA asking for your complicity, perhaps for a second time.

2:13 marker of this video posted by the New Teacher Center says most of what I need to know about the New Teacher Center and their foci:

Yep, the same Chicago that had to go on strike to protect itself from the pernicious machine Arne Duncan created and that is working through it newest chief officer, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to destroy public schools in Chicago, back door deals and all.

Remember, it will “help” inform their (DEDOE) decisions, so has the business roundtable, Vision 2012 2015 and Rodel. How’s that working out?

When the lead point, over and over and over is “anonymity” then care should be taken in the decision to participate: Caveat Emptor.


8 thoughts on “TELL Delaware! Beware! #netDE #eduDE

  1. Perhaps the School Board Association should involve classroom teachers in the decision making process. Give money to schools and ask them/school leader for recommendation, this will tell you what they think is important.

  2. Anonymous

    You mean to “TELL” me DOE does not have their hand on the pulse of how’s things are going? May be they are some what detached?

  3. Jack

    May be they are some what detached—I would say very detached, as are far too many decision makers above the school level.

  4. 4equity2

    That the News Journal believes this to be an opportunity for educators to “unleash their thoughts”, raises suspicion about where their “head” is. In the sand? Somewhere else?
    This survey gives a “voice”, but constrains at the same time.
    “You may say A, B, or C.”
    What freedom! What unleashing!

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