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This is part 2 in a series on what’s going on in the great state of Michigan. What’s happening in Utica, MI happened in Seattle and just might happen in your neck of the woods if it hasn’t already.

To read Part 1, go to Introducing the Edu$hysters of the week and they all hail from the great state of Michigan.


Part 2:Edu$hyster of the Week: Tim Quinn of Michigan

Although his name isn’t wildly popular or even moderately recognized, Tim Quinn has made a significant mark on Utica Community Schools. In 1997, Tim Quinn founded the Michigan Learning Institute, a private consulting firm that specializes in finding and hiring Superintendents. In 1999, Tim Quinn partnered on the creation of The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems and the Broad Superintendents Academy. The Superintendents Academy specializes in Superintendent training.

In 2002, Tim Quinn recruited Christine Johns to…

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