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  1. kilroysdelaware

    Remember , $8.2 million dollars is going to Wireless Generation a subsidiarity of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp where Joel Klein is Executive YP for data coaches. It’s all about the Race to The Top Wall Street Ponzi Scheme where the proud card carrying capitalist Jack Markell supports these reforms/ Stop dancing around the issue and call Markell out on the carpet! OR perhaps go TELL the survey !

  2. 4equity2

    Is anyone listening? The first time a WG coach came to my department PLC she read to us her powerpoint presentation that included the fact that their services were going to make us “professionals”.
    I have a MS, have been an adjunct at a local university, taught in DE schools for over 20 years, and Wireless Generation was about to assist me in becoming “professional”.

    How could a retired educator from a neighboring state stoop so low as to insult every teacher in that room?
    Answer: $ + Ego

    How could our own district and state administrators insult us in the same manner by hiring WG?
    Answer: practice makes perfect

    Citizens of Delaware, Stand Up!

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