Pencader approaches DOE Final Review with middle finger fully extended to DE Taxpayers. @DEStateBoardED @DEDeptofED #FOIA #eduDE #netDE

Sadly, the Pencader BOD appears to tell us all to go screw ourselves once again. Even more sad, this is the “Pencader Quo”, it’s just what they do, no matter who’s in charge or what they have promised AGs in the past. They spit on AG opinions.

Pencader is above the law. Check out the FOIA petition below complete with the whole “give me a(nother) break” cavalier attitude of leadership and their non PRO-BONO lawyers. They should be thanking Ms. Scheinberg for the work!

I do have to admit, part of me admires their antidisestablishmentarianism in the face of an oppressive and oft incompetent DOE and AGs office, but sticking it to the taxpayers is the wrong way to go, again.  Not a good sign for PCHS, IMO.