Fresh off the Pencader wire! #eduDE #netDE

I received copy from 3 people who were there. They each suggested the essence of this message re: turnout and enthusiasm are patently untrue. I wasn’t there, so I am just passing it along.

Good evening.  I wanted to thank all the parents, students and staff that came to the Board of Directors Workshop on Wednesday evening.   We had a tremendous turnout and were excited to meet some new parents.   Mr. McIntosh shared a lot of information regarding the formal review and updates regarding the meetings that I would like to share with the rest of the Pencader community. 


The Department of Education has graciously added another meeting for us at the request of Mr. McIntosh that will be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 6:30pm at the Delaware Technical Community College, Stanton Campus.   This gives more of our families the opportunity to come to a meeting and have their voices heard.    We need every student, parent and staff member to come and speak about their successes at Pencader and why it should stay open. 


The original meeting on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 6:30pm at the John W. Collette Educational Resource Center, 35 Commerce Way, Suite 1, Dover, DE 19904 will still be held.  We are providing transportation, leaving from the school at 5:15pm and returning after the meeting.   We would still like as many students, parents and staff, who are available, to join us at Monday’s meeting also.   If you will be joining us on Monday, please let us know as soon as possible so we can have enough buses.   You can either e-mail me at or call the school and speak to Mrs. DelleDonne at 302-573-7760.  


During the puplic comment section of the meeting each speaker will have two(2) minutes to speak.  We ask that you have your statement prepared in advance so you don’t run out of time and that it is printed out so you can submit your statement for the record.   If you can not make it to either meeting and would like to share your thoughts, please e-mail a copy of your statement to me and we will submit it at Monday or Wednesday’s meeting.    Please keep in mind we are not there to pass judgment on anyone including prior administration, board members, media or DOE.  We are there to share our positive experiences at Pencader along with how our children are thriving and why you feel Pencader should not close it’s doors.   Our students have weathered every storm that has come their way and continue to thrive.  


If you could help us guarantee that all Pencader families have received this information please come to the school and help us contact them by phone.  We want to make sure every single parent and student has been given the opportunity to have their voice heard and is a part of saving their school.   Contact myself or Mrs. DelleDonne at the information above to schedule a time to come in.  


We continue to plan for Pencader’s future even during these uncertain times and ask that you continue to stay involved after these two meetings.  You, as parents, guardians and family members, are an integral part of your child’s educational success and we need your continued involvement to keep Pencader moving in the right direction.   There are numerous ways to get involved outside of the normal school hours.   We have Board Committees, Citizen Budget Oversight Committee, PTO, Athletics, Clubs and so many other opportunities to be a part of Pencader’s success.  Let me know what you enjoy doing and we will find something for you to become involved in.


Thank you for your continued support of Pencader 


Have a great evening. 


4 thoughts on “Fresh off the Pencader wire! #eduDE #netDE

  1. Interesting….no where in the Formal Review charged against Pencader is DOE asking them to count how many people/kids love their school. What they are asking is administrative and financial compliance with their charter and with the state laws and regulations. I think once again Pencader is missing the boat. Turning the meetings Monday and Wednesday into pep rallies isn’t going to be impressive.

  2. MHS

    so how many people and what was the tone of those in attendance from your three reports?
    I do have to agree with minnehanh – a pep rally is not what is needed – address the claims in the report, this will be their second chance to address those issues they failed with their response to the preliminary report and showed even more problems regarding student performance data and still lacked transparency and communicating with the public/parents hasn’t gotten better either. Has the school posted on their website the actual letter or reports from DOE? I couldn’t find where they did, so unless parents know where to look for them they have no idea what the real reasons for the revocation recommendation are. Heck in addition to all the financial items that have been mentioned not being posted on their website, I couldn’t find the annual report due Nov. 1st posted on there nor could I find their annual audit – both of these are required to be posted by law.

  3. Gus

    Is anyone going to the Monday or Wednesday meetings? A report or live tweeting would be great!! We should send Joey down with his cell phone to provide live play by play!! This is just a travesty that they can sling so much poo around and convince the parents that the pile has come from someone else! The state is just as bad as they continually write in pencil so that things can easily be erased and rewritten. I am disgusted with this whole thing!!

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