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Guest Post by Gary Rubinstein

‘Rigor’ is in, and the common core standards promise to raise the achievement in this country by raising expectations which students always rise to meet.

As a staunch “status-quo defender,” it might surprise ‘reformers’ that I have some pretty radical ideas about how I’d change the math curriculum in this country if I could. While they tinker around with teacher evaluation formulas which could, at best, raise test scores by a little, I would like to see a complete overhaul of what we teach in math.

When I heard that the common core was going to address the problem that the math we teach is “a mile wide and an inch deep” and that we need to teach fewer things, but better, I thought that this was an excellent idea. It was something I was thinking about for a while. It is not possible…

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Stop everything. Let’s just focus on finances.

When we first heard of this deal, the Markell administration sold it like this. With this deal was are hopeful that a $500 million investment will be put into extending the port into the Delaware River.

That investment back into the port is currently pegged at $150 million. The deal is for 50 years. The exchange of $16 million up front seals the deal. The state gets a lease payment of just under $2 million a year. And the expansion into the Delaware River is not going forward.

A general rule of thumb is that any corporation doubles the amount they tell a state government when they make their investment. In order to get approval they make the verbal statement but are not legally contracted to spend what they promise. Consequently the force of stockholders and their unending demand for profit, deems…

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Testing To The Top. When's It Gonna Stop!

Are you not up to speed on what I’m talking about? Well then, I wasn’t either before a little while ago, but before you go further, if you haven’t read this article in today’s New York Times, you probably should. This is the background on the pros and cons affecting our schooling this upcoming decade…..

The second paragraph is where the hook punctured my lip…. .

“He has written two books on classroom practice and at one point helped train new corps members for Teach for America. For years, he was a proponent of the program, albeit one with the occasional quibble.”

“Then, in 2010, Mr. Rubinstein underwent a sea change. As he grew suspicious of some of the data used to promote charter schools, be became critical of Teach for America and the broader reform movement. (The education scholar Diane Ravitch famously made a similar shift around this…

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If you don’t like the Common Core standards, you will enjoy reading Susan Ohanian’s blast at them.

Ohanian thinks that the CC is a massive error at best, a sordid conspiracy by the elites at worst.

What do you think?

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