Have you received your DSEA robo call yet? The conglomerate supporting the TELL Delaware Survey is starting to push. #eduDE #netDE

Rumor has it a Robo Call campaign is underway with the DSEA leading the charge.  Yes, the same DSEA that led the charge into RTTT with the Governor, wants our teachers to now “tell it like it is” so they can get help extricating themselves from its more pernicious aspects, or at least that’s how it appears to me.

So, should you take the survey? I don’t know, but I do know you need to know all about the solid and dotted lines that connect that survey to you, your practice, and your students. A full breakdown of how the survey came to life and the money driving it is here: https://transparentchristina.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/the-anonymous-tell-delaware-anonymous-teacher-anonymous-survey-some-things-to-ponder-netde-itsanonymous/

Even quicker, after reading all those links above just go here: http://www.telldelaware.org/aboutAsk yourself this: when was the last time the New Teacher Center, the Delaware School Boards Association, the DSEA, Delaware Association of School Administrators, Rodel Foundation, The State Board of Education or Delaware Department of Education contributed policy assistance to ameliorate the conditions in your classroom? The truth is, they are begging you to take the survey to try and reach the magic number of 50% so it can be shared as less than 50% will keep it embargoed. Why’s that you ask? Well, dissatisfied folks tend to speak up first, so by requiring greater than 50% they are attempting to ensure a balanced a favorable response that supports the ideas and programs currently being foisted upon our kids by the Governor , his two, thus far, Secretary of Eds and his hand picked, APPOINTED State BOE. 

Those that led us into the morass are now sending out robocalls to assure you of anonymity. Why? Because they know you do not trust the system. Choosing to not take the survey is an amazingly powerful statement. Taking it and telling the truth is too. If there was one, just ONE compelling reason to believe the results would be used productively and honestly, perhaps it could be a worthwhile instrument.

But begging and repeating the same narrow message about the survey being anonymous and safe after years of ignoring teachers is a lot of things, but mostly just sad, like the sub 21% response rate through Super Bowl Sunday: http://www.telldelaware.org/progress/index

Finally, let me guess what the next play will be: an attempt to quiet me and my rhetoric on the subject. Just remember, and read all of my posts. I make arguments against taking it, but have not offered specific advice other than this: BE INFORMED before you do.

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