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This post is offered in honor of school choice week.

We are accustomed to hearing economists lecture on the virtues of markets and choice.

Here is an economist who sees choice differently.

Here is the money quote:

“Today institutions of higher education, public and private, remain largely segregated by race, religion and economic condition. White colleges and universities remain primarily white, Black institutions remain primarily black, and denominational institutions remain even more religiously identifiable.

“Such segregation is sanctified with tons of federal and state money in the forms of tuition vouchers, tax credits and government subsidized loans. The Obama administration has been largely foreclosed from remedying the situation for fear of offending powerful political forces representing the investors and private institutions. The higher education voucher/loan dilemma portends a probable scenario for the future of tuition vouchers and charter schools at the primary and secondary levels.

“Stiglitz quotes Alexis de Tocqueville…

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Breaking News! The USDOE that neither sees nor hears evil, issues report, speaking none. #eduDE #netDE

Details here, of course with a classic News Journal headline: http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20130201/NEWS03/302010043/Report-praises-Delaware-s-education-reform-efforts