Shared Learning Collaborative and your child’s data: a Delaware blog gets national play. #netDE

Mike, author of the seventh type gets big play in a Susan Ohanian blog post about data sharing and possible violations of student privacy here:

Here’s an excerpt from Susan’s post:

Three Little Questions:

  • To Parents: This is the massive data collection system funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that will put your children’s up for auction. Why hasn’t your PTA told you about any of this?

  • To Teachers: This is the massive data system funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that will put your students’ data up to the highest bidder and eat you alive. Why hasn’t your union told you about any of this?

  • To Media: Why don’t you ever question anything the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does?

  • We now may be seeing the real purpose of the Common Core.

It’s all about the technology. Shared Learning Collaborative, one more Gates venture, announces that the technology being developed will support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and help states and districts provide teachers with the instructional data and tools they need to make personalized learning the norm in every classroom.

We will see that ‘personalized learning” has a very Gatesian definition.

Item: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant

To: The Association of Educational Publishers
Date: March 2012
Purpose: to support acceptance and implementation of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) framework among educational publishers, inform the adoption process, and encourage ongoing support of LRMI among educational content creators
Amount: $458,055

Item: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant
To: Beneficent Technology Inc.
Date: October 2012
Purpose: to develop an accessibility metadata specification and support adoption by in coordination with LRMI
Amount: $250,000

Led by the Association of Educational Publishers and Creative Commons, and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (yes the same Hewletts that are the PRIMARY money source on the TELL Delaware teacher survey!), the LRMI has developed a common metadata framework for describing or “tagging” learning resources on the web. This framework is a key first step in developing a richer, more fruitful search experience for educators and learners. Once a cricital[sic] mass of educational content has been tagged to a universal framework, it becomes much easier to parse and filter that content, opening up tremendous possibilities for search and delivery.

“Search and delivery” has an ominous ring to it. Those of us old enough to remember Vietnam remember “search and destroy.” Put ground forces into enemy territory and use body count as the measure of success. Now the body count is to tag everything in accordance with Common Core Standards.

This initiative will start with the creation of tags in accordance with the Common Core Standards.

Make sure to click through here:  to see Mike’s trenchant analysis deployed in her post!

2 Comments on “Shared Learning Collaborative and your child’s data: a Delaware blog gets national play. #netDE”

  1. Mike O. says:

    LOL! My SLC post gets the most hits nationally, mainly because there’s not that much else out there. I’m not nearly so critical as Ohanian, but if she wants to use my post she’s welcome to it.

    I also covered LRMI in that post, and I don’t see anything all that evil in it. It probably will be a good thing and help with sharing learning materials.

    I’m more concerned about all this vague language around personalized learning. There’s not nearly enough detail from our districts about how they intend to implement it.


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