The administrative office in the Delaware Department of Education is trying to keep up with all the paperwork it is being fed. It is failing. If the Delaware Department of Education were to receive a grade, it would not be a passing one…..

The state of Delaware administered state “pretested” in math and ELA late Nov & early Dec…. then in a surprise delivery FedEx’d to the schools, they finally received bubble sheets! (Bubble sheets are the answer forms where you fill in the circles for answers A<B<C<D<E..) They arrived Monday this week, two weeks after testing. Students were then given the tests they had previously taken and told to bubble in their responses. These bubble sheets are dated 9/01/2012. Students then bubbled in their Nov 30 responses today. These tests will be part of each teachers component V evaluation.

Obviously the DOE purchaser/controller thought the answers came with the…

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  1. The concern is not so much that pretest scores may be too low, but that one fourth + of the school year was completed when these “pretests” were taken. Think of the potential impact that could have on any measure of student “growth”.
    Additionally, these tests cannot be reliable. Open responses are scored by the teacher. That’s one big can of worms! Also, teachers hold/control the bubble sheets until they are submitted to the point person at each school. And it will be the same when the time comes for the post tests.
    We could be the “First State”. We should be the “First State”. Instead Delaware is the “Amateur State.”

    1. John Young

      it will skew growth downward by default, unless the tests are intentionally flunked by students/teachers/DOE bureaucrat

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