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The New Jersey Star-Ledger published news of a secret agreement that was leaked to the paper.

The state of New Jersey entered into an agreement with the Broad Foundation to meet the foundation’s demands; the money awarded to the state is available only so long as Governor Chris Christie remains in office.

This suggests that New Jersey has outsourced its education policy to the Los Angeles-based Broad Foundation. The foundation is known for its desire to control its grantees, but the idea of controlling a large northeastern state seems audacious indeed.

A crazy idea, but then the state’s Acting Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf is a graduate of the unaccredited Broad Superintendents Academy, as are a few other of the state’s superintendents.

Remember when we thought that the policies of the public schools were determined by the citizens of the district or the state?

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Dear David,

I know you must be pleased that the Common Core standards have been adopted in 46 states.

And now as president of the College Board, you will be able to align the content of the SAT with the Common Core.

But David, the Common Core is becoming a laughing stock at the same time that it has become Official Government Dogma.

Read this in the Washington Post from a writer who ridicules the 70-30% rationing of informational text to literature.

Maybe you will brush that off, and say it is the usual lefty rant about all the great things you learn by reading The Great Gatsby.

But then read this in the National Review by a writer who is a graduate of Hillsdale College.

Maybe you ignore these complaints.

Maybe you feel that you are so powerful and important that you can brush them off and watch…

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