The Rodel/Voices 4 Delaware Education Action Fund connection spawns a disbarment? Yup. #netDE

Earlier this year, Delaware school board politics were infested with the shady workings of an opaque PAC named Voices 4 Delaware Action Fund, run by the same man who runs the 501-c-3 advocacy non-profit, Voices 4 Delaware Education. Their inbred relationship with Rodel has long since been investigated and confirmed by independent bloggers, Rodel itself, and the mainstream media too.

Fast forward to today’s breaking news:|topnews|text|Home

An attorney who leads Laurel’s school board has been temporarily barred from practicing law after he acknowledged keeping fees paid by clients hidden from other partners in his law firm, the state’s highest court says.

Patrick E. Vanderslice, 44, of Laurel, was suspended from the bar for a year by the Delaware Supreme Court, a more severe level of discipline than the public reprimand and probation the state’s Board on Professional Responsibility had advised was the proper punishment. The decision came after Vanderslice admitted to his partners at the Georgetown firm Moore & Rutt, P.A., he had stolen $1,780 in client fees from December 2010 to September 2011…

…Vanderslice was elected to the Laurel Board of Education in May 2011, and is currently president of the school board. He was also a member of the Public Integrity Commission from June 2010 to February 2011.

Why does this matter you may ask? Well, let’s check the finance reports:

That’s Voices 4 Delaware Education Action Fund giving Mr. Vanderslice money on page 4.

Then, Here’s a video of Mr. Vanderslice shilling for Rodel, on ContentDE, their education partner

Connection made here:

Rodel connection to Voices 4 Delaware Education:

So what’s the bottom line? Folks, it’s win at all costs and support those that will bend to the agenda. Even if they are not the type of people you would really want to see on a school board. Voices supports a disbarred lawyer who used to sit on the Public Integrity Commission and was actually disbarred for, wait for it, an ethical breach.

The next time Rodel/Voices send you a flier, remember where it came from and what they stand for.

Never forget the shadowy organization that they are, as we still, to this day, have only gotten the registered agent to change names and do NOT have a board of directors named, nor the source of their funds.