DSEA mailer panders to the lowest common denominator. #netDE

In my three years on the Christina School Board, I have spent an above average amount of time doing research on topics of concern, interfacing with our state’s politicians, and working with, and sometimes against, our state’s appointed leaders in education. I have faced off with the Governor and his henchmen, and though we capitulated to his unrelenting pressure to manipulate the decision of a locally elected board, we did what we did for the right reasons: to protect our schools and protect our teachers.

Imagine my surprise to see this in my mailbox yesterday:


Well, I want everyone to know that I have never met Senator Deluca, never been contacted by his office to advance the cause of any student or all of our students in aggregate, have voted 3 times in three opportunites to NOT waive the class size cap this flyer says he has ameliorated, and seem to remember SEED/INSPIRE a little bit diffferently than this tribute piece suggests. So why is the DSEA PAC spending money on Tony DeLuca?

Well, first, it’s their right to do so. And second, well, I can’t think of a second, a good one anyway. Apparently, the DSEA values a trip down memory lane more than an open process that weighs past support with future potential?


If the DSEA Advocacy Fund for Children and Public Education wanted to support candidates that would make education issues a central part of their legislative agenda rather than apply the time honored, mostly a cop out,  and BS label of “friendly incumbent”, then they would have interviewed Mr. DeLuca’a opponent: Bryan Townsend.


I could spend plenty of time here extolling Bryan’s approach to educational issues compared to the complete apathy as a voting resident of the 11th Senate District I see in my current incumbent. I respect the DSEA, I respect their mission even more , but I loathe political expediency and closed processes. I wish the DSEA could be on the front lines of NOT doing business as usual with regards to endorsements and act as a genuinely INDEPENDENT organization.


There are many who will color me naive for expressing this view, and they are those that don’t dare to step out, step up, and serve the people the way they deserve to be served: absent undue influences and with a transparent process that gives weight to the past, present and future of the organization. When speaking for many people, as the DSEA does,  I believe they owe it to membership to be guided by these two principles.

I would like to disclaim that my bar, the one that guides this blog post, is very high. I would balk at anything less than the DSEA or any other public workers’ union submitting themselves to a full throated interview process of ALL registered candidates. Some may argue that’s not resonabale and I will just have to long live with the label of being unreasonable.

It appears the DSEA has a ways to go to hit my bar.

I would encourage all teachers and administrators in the 11th Senate District  to give their time to researching each candidate and to consider supporting Bryan Townsend in the Democratic Primary on September 11th, 2012.