Pencader’s dysfunctional, soon to be illegal, board messes up again.

In the paper today, they indicate that the July Board meeting date of Thursday, July 2nd was a typo and that the real date is MONDAY July 2nd. So here is the amended posting.

Notice anything missing?

Public Comment?


I’ll see you at?

Also, old posting is there as well which raised legal concerns, again, about posting times and rules pursuant to Delaware Code Title 29, Chapter 100??

Will this confusion and seemingly purposeful circumvention end anytime soon?



22 thoughts on “Pencader’s dysfunctional, soon to be illegal, board messes up again.

  1. Harrie Ellen Minnehan

    Where is the meeting? What time?
    The Board elects its own officers, they are not “appointed.” The Board itself is not “appointed.”
    The Annual Meeting conducts much business; setting forth the budget for the year, looking at overall plans (strategic) for the year, establishing Board committees for the year, summing up the work of the previous year.

    If this is to be the “Annual Meeting” when is the real business of the “Annual Meeting” to be done? Or will there be TWO Annual Meetings?? Whoops, what does “annual” mean?

  2. susan

    Nope, they are getting away with wasting our tax dollars and ultimately hurting the kids that go there. It’s just simply awful, and our state DOE sits by and does nothing.

  3. checkingin

    Interesting that the new agenda has been updated on the website but there still hasn’t been time to add the CBOC meeting notes that I am waiting to see. The most recent posted were from November. Are there no meeting minutes from the CBOC meetings from December on? Since Ann Lewis is no longer under contract her name should be removed from the school leader spots on the website. Who gives Ann’s volunteer son the directions now that she is not on contract? Now who supervises this volunteer with full computer access?

  4. checkingin

    Why is Mr. Lewis still listed as a teacher on the school’s website? He has been gone for months.

      1. Pencader Student

        Mrs. Minnehan.. I honestly cannot believe how unprofessional you are being. I am truly shocked.

      2. John Young

        How do you feel about your school leader having a fake degree and being defiant about using her title? Does it inspire you?

  5. susan

    Pencader Student, I agree with John. Pencader needs someone to stand up and stop the lies and deception that is going on at your school. Pencader needs leadership that has integrity and character to succeed. Ms. Minnehan needs to be heralded for standing up and telling the truth. That is PROFESSIONAL, ETHICAL, and MORAL.

  6. checkingin

    Pencader Student – Minnehan is speaking the truth. Team Lewis would like nothing more for her to be quiet. That has been Lewis’ way during her entire reign. If an employee disagrees with her, she fires him. If a parent disagrees with her, she is so unbearable that he doesn’t want to come around anymore and finds another school. That is her way. I am very, very glad that Minnehan is speaking out and is not quietly going away as Team Lewis wishes. Maybe it is time we have some web pages called Team Anti-Lewis. Since the Team Lewis signs are allowed in the school, we will put up the Team Anti-Lewis. Shouldn’t matter to the Lewises because in twelve minutes neither of them are employees of Pencader.

  7. checkingin

    At the end of the day, the only thing that is important is your character. Without it, you have nothing. You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and ask if you tried your best to do the right thing. We all make mistakes. It is important to ask for forgiveness and try to improve. It is also important to fight for what is right overall. It is important to surround yourself with people that set the right kind of example. Honesty,integrity, and a willingness to continue to try to be a better person is what you need to look for. That is not what we are seeing in the Pencader school leader at the moment. That is what has many people so upset. It is not just a Pencader issue. It is community issue. We don’t want a leader that is not setting a good example. People that know what is going on and stand by and do nothing are guilty of allowing the poor behavior to continue.

    1. Jodi

      Checkingin and Susan – you clearly have a desire to help this school. Having been in a similar sitation in the recent past, I honestly have some tips that I think you’d find helpful. Would either of you be willing to correspond directly so that I can share what worked and what didn’t? I’m doing this because someone reached out to me at the beginning – someone from Pencader, coincidentally – and it was invaluable. I’d like to repay that favor. This battle isn’t going to be won in the comments section of TC or Kilroy’s blog – take it front and center!

      1. miranda

        I would like to help to my brother was the one who videotaped mr. Lewis cursing at the girl and was forced out by mrs. Lewis!

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