“Pencader Charter supporters back Lewis” – This is why headline writing sucks.

The News Journal headline from today’s story suggests that if you are a Pencader supporter, then you back Lewis. Not universally true., AT ALL. There are many parents, and students, and educators who FULLY support Pencader who do not back Lewis.

While I cannot personally fathom why they are not being more vocal, I would suggest that the work environment with “Team Lewis” banners and such appears to be toxic, and one of workplace intimidation and harassment.

The headline is an embarrassing piece of bad journalism.

13 thoughts on ““Pencader Charter supporters back Lewis” – This is why headline writing sucks.

  1. checkingin

    John – I am writing an email to the Pencader board and I would like your and Kilroy’s email addresses to copy them on the email. can you send me your emails. I figure I will go to the source with these questions that are being posed on the boards. See what the response is.

  2. checkingin

    Anyone else want to be copied on the email so that the board can hit reply all and give us all the correct information.

  3. checkingin

    Here is the email I have composed. Any additional questions we should pose to the board?

    Can you provide some information about the following questions I have. A lot of what I know comes from the blogs. I am hoping you can provide some clarification. I figure I will go to the source.

    -How will the school operate without a school leader after tomorrow. If I understand correctly, Lewis’ contract expires tomorrow.

    -According to the blogs, there are payments being made to a consulting firm that has a business license address at Lewis’ home address. What is that?

    -The budget shows a very small amount of money allocated for lawyer fees in the 2012-2013 budget yet the lawyer fees for this year were many, many times more than that. How is this an accurate budget?

    -Were new board members elected last night?

    -How are two lease payments being eliminated from the 2012-2013 budget?

    -When did Lewis get her Westfield University degree? She has been calling herself a doctor for a couple of years now. Have you seen the verification about her degree yet? I know it isn’t necessary for her job, but she stated she has it and would provide it.

    -I am hearing that two of the pro-Lewis speakers last night were vendors and the third speaker was a relative of the Lewis family. True?

    I believe other parents have similar questions but are afraid to speak out because of the consequences their kids may experience at the school. There seems to be a group of kids that have an in with the administration and a bunch that don’t.

    1. John Young

      If no members were added, and if three leave on 7/1, how can the board renew Ms. Lewis, or conduct any business of any kind, under both school bylaws (Min 5 with 2 faculty and 2 parent, 60% quorum) or state code (one faculty member, min 5)?

  4. John, on the headline–please be generous. I’m serious. The article writers at the News Journal very often DO NOT get to write the headlines. I’ve worked with one reporter there for five years (who will remain nameless) who has had really good stories murdered several times by bad headline-writing.

    1. John Young


      100% know that reporters do not write headlines. I have spoken in depth to Nichole Dobo, whose stories are the ones getting murdered, and she knows I harbor no ill will towards her on the issue of headline writing. I am after the headline writers! The have an obligation,IMO, to make sure that headlines reflect a modest relationship and do not mislead. There have been a couple of doozies on this Pencader debacle.

  5. susan

    While I hate to see anyone go through foreclosure, and there are many good people that are loosing their homes due to the economy and job loss.

    However, this does not make any sense because both Lewis’ had good paying jobs when this occurred (October 2011).

    Yep, a business school leader, really?? Just sayin.

  6. Dr. Denseman

    Search courtconnects and the New Castle County Deeds website. This does not appear to be the Lewis’ first foreclosure. There are times when a bad economy hurts good people and those people deserve compassion for their situation…

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