Election Coverage Central.

Here’s the central location of Delaware Blog coverage of the 2012 School Board Elections:
Selections From Transparent Christina:
BREAKING! If ever there was a need to pass HB 300, this AG Opinion is it.
Since there has been so much money brought into the race,I decided to send an e-mail to the Department of Elections.
Voices 4 Education Delaware Action caught red handed!
Children and Educators First FIRES away! Dover and Big money better DUCK!
Pandora at Delaware Liberal condenses some of the latest action on School Board elections!
Lest anyone doubt the e-mail or the coordinated attacks, here is the genesis moment in 2012 for Union busting,school board electing PAC-MANIA in Delaware!!
The pretense of evidence: a/k/a Voices 4 Delaware Education and their Loaded Questionnaire.
Skip, WSFS Chairman sends out his call to arms!
Delaware Education Flow Chart, Rough Draft
Rich Heffron of the Delaware State Chamber confesses: they are trying to buy school board elections
Red Clay School Board members make individual appeal for transparency. #netDE
 Colorado Money comes into Delaware political election processes……
Valene Harris embraces soft, secret money.
Mommy,Mommy! Look! Someone who has come to three school board meetings sent me my report card in the mail today!
Dr. Tony Marchio hits a home run on School Board Election in Delaware Voice letter. #netDE
From Children and Educators First:
Dear Christina, the balance is in your hands…
Paying for Failure – Vision Network – Where is the Return on Investment
How to Win an Election? SuperPAC Edition
Will You Join DE Board Members in Calling for Voices 4 Delaware Ed. Action Fund to Come Out of the Shadows!
I put $11 million in Race to the Top Funding in Jeopardy
Connecting the Dots for Delaware’s Voters
From Kilroy’s Delaware:
Should we move Delaware School Board Elections to November?
When will Delaware Republicans call-out Jack Markell on this education mess?
Red Clay get-out-the-vote calls are coming from a group in Minnesota
A little Red Clay School Board Election History Lesson
Breaking! Members of Red Clay community outraged over Voices 4 Delaware Education Action Fund
Transparent Christina is kicking Voices 4 Delaware Education in the nuts
Does it really matter who the wins school board races
From The Delaware Libertarian:
And tomorrow is school board election day . . .
10 things I have learned from this year’s school board races: nonpartisan, pre-election day edition
The suns sets in the west: we now discover that special interests on both sides organize for school board elections
Red Clay School Board elections: Ed Reform proponents backing BOTH candidates via PAC money
Just a thought as we head into school-board elections. . . .
Why isn’t opposition to “ed reformists” news?
With a little help from my friends . . . .
Comment rescue: how do we end Delaware’s Education Civil War?
Smear tactics and school board campaigns: part 2 . . .
The Delaware education civil war . . . complete with victims
From Delaware Liberal:
My Thoughts On Tomorrow’s School Board Elections
Delaware Blogosphere: School Board Edition
Updated: More Drama In School Board Elections
From the Mind of Mr. Matthews:
On Nastiness
For the record
All special interests are not created equal