Valene Harris embraces soft, secret money.

Yesterday, Valene Harris issued a statement disassociating herself from the fliers that Voices 4 Delaware Education, run by Greg Harris out of Ohio, are sending on her behalf.

What she didn’t say or do was:

  • Stop.
  • Why does she believe they are attacking the very board she wishes to serve on
  • Who donates money to them and why she is OK with their tax shielded secrecy.
  • Ask them to file reports, even if not required by law to open themselves up to the scrutiny that Delaware voters are entitled to exercise in an election year.
  • Tell voters about the plan these fliers are touting.

In short, she offered a weak handed statement that amounts to whacking the dog on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. If you ask me, her statement seems crafted to have just the effect it does: attacking the flier makers just enough to please some voters but not so much that they can’t continue their full frontal assault on voters.




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