If you ever doubted why the big money is coming at CSD, doubt no more….

Who would have thought an earnest speech about fixing schools:

would cause this over a year later….it seems Mr. Herdman really carries a grudge…..

By the way, I can’t find Val Harris’ plan on her site or elsewhere and I am using an electron microscope and a NASA telescope, also google. All drawing blanks, is the plan available for review for the voters?


8 thoughts on “If you ever doubted why the big money is coming at CSD, doubt no more….

  1. Jack Polidori

    Tomorrow, House Bill 300 will be heard at 2:30 p.m. at Legislative Hall in Dover. This bill, submitted at the behest of the Markell Administration, with the prime sponsors being House Speaker Robert Gilligan and Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca, will close a glaring loophole in Delaware campaign finance law —- a loophole that allows spineless organizations such as the Delaware Voices 4 Education Action Fund, Inc. [a 501-c-4] organization — to send out direct mail without having to list its contributors, their source of employment, or the amount they have contributed.
    In time, the people and/or entities funding this 501-c-4 will be ‘outed’ and all Delawareans will see who they are and be able to evaluate their motives and interests.
    Interestingly, a friend did a search of “WHOIS”, a service that registers web sites and allows you to trace the originator of a web site.
    According to the search document this friend provided to me for “voices4delaware.org”, the search leads back to a registrant named: Danette OOconnell. The registrant organization is “Voices 4 Delaware”. The address is 100 West 10th St. in Wilmington.
    The registrant’s email is: doconnell@rodelfoundationde.org
    The administrator’s email is: doconnell@rodelfoundationde.org
    The tech email is: doconnell@rodelfoundationde.org
    Astonished? Ah, heck, all roads lead to …. Romedel.

  2. delawareway

    WOW, Rodel has no shame and neither does Val Harris for not strongly denouncing this. Where’s the plan Val? Is it still on the Rodel googledoc?

  3. delawareway

    I will be at let hall today at this meeting and make sure to comment on how the lack of transparency is playing out in deep pocket corpo-ed reform in DE.

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  5. snewton929

    John, what were the rough start and end dates of the CSD PZ controversy to which the video above refers. I know when you made your speech, but I know that was neither the beginning or the end. I am working on a timeline of events, and want to get that part right.

    1. John Young

      The soft start date was March 20th when reports of process mistreatment began to filter up to board members. A great deal of concern vetting and research was done before the board voted 5-0-2 to uphold the plans as written. It functionally ended with a reveral vote on 4/30/11 and the 5/1 DOE announcement of restoring funds withheld.

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