I have been asked to blast Shirley Saffer for not denouncing a Valene Harris hate blog. I can’t….

because she has: http://www.shirleysaffer4christina.blogspot.com/2012/04/committed-to-honest-transparent.html

The real question is: Will Ms. Harris publicly denounce the monied interests in the 501(c)4 that are bashing the Christina School Board…..


8 thoughts on “I have been asked to blast Shirley Saffer for not denouncing a Valene Harris hate blog. I can’t….

  1. CuriousVoter

    Note: The site against Ms. Harris was created and mentioned on Kilroy on Sunday, April 21, 2012. The Saffer site did not post a comment to denounce the site until yesterday, Saturday, April 28, 2012….7 days later. Why should Val Harris be expected to make a statement immediately and not Ms. Saffer? Again I since a bias. I am fine if Ms. Saffer is your choice candidate, but make that clear and do not pretend not to be bias. Practicing the transparency you so often tout would be more encouraging as I am a faithful follower of your site and a little perturbed with your hypocrisy on this issue. Thank You.

    1. John Young

      Off all people, you should probably not be in a position of throwing around wild statements like that. I can’t help it if you have been outmaneuvered and have back the wrong horse(s) all year long, but Ms. Harris, your hand picked girl (it sure seems) does not have to wait for Ms. Saffer to denounce a third party hate site in order to just go out and declare Voices 4 Delaware Education is wrong and should stop their campaign. That said, if Ms. Harris wins, ROdel sure has made it hard for her to govern….they tell people that the Board has “failed our kids” while saying she will do differently.

      Ms. Saffer routinely votes against the failed majority position…so in effect V4DE ED is saying Val will be just like Shirley, no?

      Or will Ms. Harris run on one platform and then go out and do something completely different. It has happened before……she is getting in over her head. Unless her plan is to just be a vote with no conscience in which case she can just show up to meetings unprepared and unread (also happens), she will have to interface with real live colleagues that her campaign has allowed a third party to trash in a vile manner…..gonna be a rough year in the event of victory…..

  2. CuriousVoter

    I also should note I do support anyone but Ms. Saffer, as I have been to CSD board meetings and they are a joke and anything but professional. Shirley Saffer should be commended for her service, however her confrontational behavior and unprofessional behavior hurts the district image. To hopefully restore some respect in the district I have worked for 10+ years, I will be voting for Ms. Harris or Mr. Lee, still undetermined. Do you happen to have any 411 on Mr. Lee?

    1. John Young

      The list of things that have hurt the district image is long. Many people would include me on that list. But one thingthey would never say about me is that I would cut deals and lie. Have you seen that behavior up close. I have. It’s seedy and rife with hypocrisy.

      I know nothing about Lee. I just know Valene Harris’ campaign behavior is disgusting and appalling. I think they must teach that at Leaderhsip Delaware

  3. CuriousVoter

    Disgusting is the entire landscape of school board elections this year. Yes I would be among that list who feel you have definitely hurt the district image and sometimes you are just flat out poisioning, however thank you for your service and your attempt to be a resource to the public.

  4. John Young

    I accept your criticism. I would also like to buy you, especially you, a mirror. Because when it comes to poison, I just can’t hold a candle to secrecy and reciprocal recommendations.

    A special shout out to Dr. Lowery: sorry you got let down on CSD….blame that crazy John Young! LOL.

  5. shirleysaffer4christina.blogspot.com

    CuriousVoter: ShirleySaffer4Christina.blogspot.com was created just over 48 hours ago. Until that time Shirley Saffer did not have a true web-based presence. (She does have a personal facebook page and twitter account.) In fact, Mrs. Saffer is still learning how to use the blogspot platform. Her first priority was to put as much information together in one place for those who may be researching her position on education issues.

    Unlike some local school board members, such as Mr. Young, Mrs. Saffer is not a blogger. She won her first election unopposed after the withdrawal of her opponent and therefore did not need to engage in campaigning at the level that is required today. She has since earned the respect of constituents district-wide through her dedication to our students. She may not be as polished as other board members, but she puts the needs of our children first.

    Mrs. Saffer determined she needed to create a place on the web for constituents to learn more about her commitment to Christina after she received her the Action Fund mailer last week. While working on this project, she learned of the other website and acted immediately to denounce it on hers.

    Please check back often at http://www.shirleysaffer4christina.blogspot.com as we are continuing to update the website several times a day.

    Thank You for your comments here at TC.


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