@RodelDE and Valene Harris team up to slam the board she’s running for……a laughable campaign effort.

A few points/questions for Ms. Harris:

1) Is this the type of Leadership that Leadership DE teaches? Unsubstantiated hyperbole without context against a backdrop of you having done nothing yourself? Throw daggers much?

2) Do you think this endears you to the BOE that, if you win, you will have to work with 6 of its members?

3) The ignorance of your primary claim on the front of your mailer about the role of the Delaware DOE is astounding?

4) Does Rodel offer one single solution with research backing?

5) Does everyone know that Voices 4 Education Delaware IS Rodel? (http://www.townsquaredelaware.com/parental-involvement-the-key-to-school-improvement/)

6) How are you going to “require” accountability?

7) You’re going to “encourage innovation”? How will this make us better? By just being different? Weak.

8) School Choice? Clarify please: are you just in favor of chartering CSD to death or creating viable choices inside our schools?

9) Investment in Early Childhood Education, you mean like our sitting Board member who is BOE liaison to the Early Childhood committee and is actually doing the work……that’s quite a bold statement there, supporting early childhood education…..really?

10) Providing resources for teacher training? DO you think our teachers are untrained and unprofessional? Why do you take a clear shot at our respected professionals in a mailer?

11) The flyer is so poorly produced that the words Vote or May or 8th are all absent?

What a disgusting trip to my mailbox today. Nice job Ms. Harris, if this is your tactic, let it be known to all so we can expose the truth behind your agenda for education: your code words and truisms are weak platitudes and your methods are sadly chosen in my opinion.

I’m glad you think showing up for a few board meetings in the last 2 months makes you and expert. Sounds like more bad advise/recruitment by Rodel and their failing 12 year intervention in Delaware. Sad when you think how long they have been involved and how little good they have done. And that you have  aligned yourself with their failures before being elected……wow, talk about poor judgment.


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